Guideline and Limits


  1. All websites build on CW.Center platform should be used for things related to Christianity.
  2. This is a platform for Christian, do not publish articles against Christianity here.
  3. When discussing controversial topics, please state your opinion calmly and politely.
  4. All resource provided by CW.Center should be used reasonably and used only on website hosted by CW.Center, do not abuse the resource we provide you for free.


  1. You should use themes and plugins we already installed for you, no extra themes or plugins.
  2. Each media file are limited to 16 MB, please use external storage if you need to host larger file.
  3. Each website have 4 GB of storage space by default, you may contact us to get more space for free if you use your space reasonably but still need more space.
  4. Uploaded media file are limited to following extensions: jpg jpeg png gif odg txt pdf doc docx odt xls xlsx ods ppt pptx odp wma mp3 m4a ogg wmv mp4