About CW.Center

Committed to provide an information center for Christian on the Web!

We named our-self CW.Center, which is abbreviation of Christian Web Center, because we are committed to provide an information center for Christian on the web.

Our mission is to help Christian across the globe to build modern website with ease and share information to massive audience with the website!

Build and maintain professional website with ease!

Building a professional website from scratch is difficult. It requires certain knowledge about information tech-knowledge, and cost a lot of time and money.

Maintaining a website is also a pain. You need to upgrade server software regularly, adopt new tech-knowledge to keep up with the time, ensure your system’s security and pay bills for server, domain and SSL certificate.

Now, with our all-in-one solution, you may simply sign-up for a new website then start writing your content with our easy-to-use dashboard! And forget about maintenance because we deal with everything for you!

It’s Free!

We believe that such a great platform should be available for free to all Christian, so we managed to reduce our cost to be able to cover it with income from Ads, offering all service for free to you!

We will add some Ads to all the websites hosted by our platform. But we will control the quantity and quality of Ads and avoid advertising for things that’s improper in the eye of a Christian, maintain a good visitor experience for you!

Reach more audience!

We promote your posts to massive audience across the globe with several modern mechanism. We share selected posts from hosted websites with Facebook and Twitter. And we push the same selected posts to those who subscribe to our selected post with Web Push. Click the golden bell at bottom right to subscribe to our selected post with Web Push! (iPhone haven’t support Web Push)

Our platform is optimized for social media and search engine, too. People on social media will like the link you shared because it looks beautiful with properly configured title and thumbnail. And your website will rank better on search engine because search engine thinks people will like it and we help search engine index your website with tools such as sitemap.

Furthermore, people like beautiful and fast website. We increase visitors motivation to stay longer on your website and share it to friends by making your website beautiful and fast!

Easy Migration!

Our platform is based on WordPress, the most popular content management system. So you can easily migrate from other WordPress-based platform to CW.Center or migrate from CW.Center to other WordPress-based platform. And due to the popularity of WordPress, there are also tools for you to migrate between it and various platform. You may check it by searching for other people’s experience.

Build your website today!

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  4. Follow the tutorial to build your website
  5. Share your website to your friends!
  6. If you have any question or have any suggestion, please fell free to contact us!