Terms of Service

  1. By using our service, you accept this “Terms of Service”.
  2. We reserve the right to change this “Terms of Service” anytime. By continue using our service one month after the change, you accept the new “Terms of Service”.
  3. We will keep our service run as expected with our best effort, but there are ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY for our service and we should not be liable for any reparation if the service go wrong and caused any loss.
  4. You reserve the copyright of your own content, and should be fully responsible for your own content.
  5. By publishing your content on our platform, you grant us and our partners permanent non-exclusive right to copy, modify, reproduce and distribute these content for commercial purpose.
  6. We reserve the right to place Ads in websites on our platform, and we reserve the right to charge for our service.
  7. We may delete websites and user accounts on our platform without notification if it is idle with no content or is publishing contents we thinks improper. “Improper” means illegal, immoral, spam-my, against christian value or extremely controversial, we reserve the right to decide what’s “improper”.
  8. We reserve the right to modify or terminate our service. We may transfer websites and user accounts on our platform to other service provider in case we terminate our service.

Last modified: 2017-12-10