Terms of Service

  1. By using our service, you accept this Terms of Service.
  2. We may modify this Terms of Service anytime, latest version of Terms of Service will be published here. The latest version of Terms of Service will be effective one week after published.
  3. We will always make our best effort to keep our system and your website stable, secure and fast, but there are ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. We have no liability for any loss if something goes wrong, include but not limited to service interruption or data loss caused by any reason. Use our service at your own risk!
  4. By publishing content on our platform, you grant us an non-exclusive right to copy, modify, reproduce and distribute the content.
  5. We reserve the right to show Ads on website built with our platform.
  6. We want to always keeps all our service for free, but we reserve the right to charge. There will always be a free plan if we do charge for part of our service in the future.
  7. We may delete improper content on our platform without notification. “improper” means illegal, against christian value, controversial or spam. We reserve the right to decide what is “improper” at our sole discretion.
  8. In case we have to terminate our service in the future, we will give our user a transfer period to move their data. After the transfer period, we may either delete the remaining user content or transfer them to other service provider.

Last modified: 2018-08-18