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Personal Account vs Website

Personal account represent yourself, every individual should have a independent personal account. But a website can be managed by many people together, an individual can also manage multiple websites.

The permission of each personal account in a website is represented by “role”. “Administrator” have ultimate permission in the website, the founder of a website is it’s first administrator. For more detail, please refer to account management section in tutorial.

Sign Up for Personal Account

Please sign up for personal account at sign up page(

Enter the username you want in “Username:”

Enter you email address in “Email Address:”

Select “Just a username, please.”, we will apply for website later.

Click “Next”, system will send an email to your email address. Click the link in the mail to activate your new account and get the default password. You may change your password later.

Sign Up for Website

After activate your personal account, login. You may login here.

Go back to the sign up page(

Enter the domain you want in “Site Domain:”

All domain should end with “”. If you want “”, enter “example. The domain can not be changed, think before you decide.

Enter the name of your new website in “Site Title:”, it can be changed any time, don’t worry.

Please select the primary language of your site content as “Site Language:”(you may change it any time), it is also the default language in Admin Panel. Each personal account can also set his/her own language in Admin Panel, so you may use your native language in Admin Panel even if you write website in foreign language.

You should select “Yes” in “Privacy”, so the search engines may index your articles, thus reaching more audience.

Finally, click “Create Site” to create the website, you will be the first “Administrator” of the new website. Repeat these step to sign up for more website, you may have unlimited website.

Visit our Tutorial to learn how to use your website.