CW.Center (formerly known as TJC Host) officially re-start operation!

After two weeks of system tuning and testing, we have successfully migrated the old user data to the new host and renamed the platform to CW.Center.

At the same time of data migration, we switched to more advanced system architecture, to further reduce website latency, increase the server capacity and reduce operation cost.

CW.Center will pay more attention to the global market in the future. As you can see, we divide the platform introduction and tutorial by language, you may switch between them with the menu. The new architecture makes it easy for us to translate websites into more languages and serve more users.

CW.Center has also significantly upgraded our post sharing system. The new system will automatically detect the language of the post, different languages have their own shared channels. You can follow CW.Center English’s page on Facebook or our Twitter account. You can also click on the golden bell in the bottom right corner (If you do not see it, it’s because your browser does not support this technology yet) to subscribe to our English Selected Post via Web Push.